Launched In 2022

A Family Business

Welcome to GGEE WEAR; we are a small family-run business on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, operating both online and at local horse and pony club events. 

We exclusively sell the Rapid Cool Horse Rug

GGEE WEAR has become a family affair, with everyone contributing to make my idea a reality. My husband and son contributed to the creation of the website and the use of technology. My eldest daughter advised us on patents and registering trademarks, while the youngest designed the packaging and layout, took many photos and edited our website. And lastly, our horses are our supermodels for our packaging.  

Our Business Goal

Our goal is to show horse lovers the advantage and benefits of using our rugs to cool their horses down when hot. We feel every horse could greatly benefit from our rugs.

Our business strives to provide a top-quality Cooling Rug at an affordable price for your hardworking furry friends. We aim to grow our business successfully with excellent customer service, to have a good repour with our customers and listen to their needs and ideas they may have.

About Me

I think some people are just born loving horses- that was me. I started riding at Hillside riding school on the outskirts of Melbourne when I was very young. In High school, I worked for a few local horse dealers learning many things about horses, including riding and selling. Some people I worked for back then would definitely make the dodgy dealer list on Facebook now.

Leaving school, I worked as a Jillaroo on a large remote cattle station in Northern Territory. To say it was rough was an understatement, but I loved every scary minute of it.

Twenty-two years ago, we purchased our property in Chirnside Park, where we have raised our three children.

I have owned several horses, including a chestnut thoroughbred called Joey, who was my heart horse. He lived with us to the ripe age of 30 years. My youngest daughter now continues my passion for horse riding and competing; this was where I identified a need in the market for these rugs.

The idea

At competitions, we would ice our horse’s legs and put ice boots on to help them recover after competing, cooling the legs down, and reducing the swelling.

It was a sweltering day, and I had purchased a sports cool towel for our daughter to use around her neck and thought, “how would a large cool towel be for a horse?”

I came home and researched rugs endlessly and couldn’t find anything I wanted. I purchased many different qualities of cooling fabric, trying to find the one with the longest “cooling powers” and the best honeycomb weave to allow the air to flow through. Eventually, I found a suitable fabric and had a few metres sent to me, where I traced, cut and sewed my first cooling horse rug.

At the next competition, we tried the rug; after cross country, the horse cooled off very quickly, surprising the vet at the vet check. My idea worked.

From that idea four years ago, seeing a need for this rug, doing extensive research into patents and trademarks, designing and cutting patterns, to sewing an easy-to-use rug that it is today. I wanted to make a rug different from anything on the market; it had to have a purpose, be quick, easy to use, and affordable. 

The fabric

The fabric has received the “Innovative Technology” award for “cooling power.” The Rapid Cool Horse Rug is specially designed, using polyester and microfiber mesh fibres that allow the air to flow through the fabric. When wet, the unique honeycomb weave rapidly cools up to 30% cooler than any other rug on the market. It does not contain topical treatments or chemicals and will remain the same wash after wash with its long-lasting cooling effect.

When wet and shaken, the fabric creates the chilling sensation that occurs when the water evaporates into the air. The fabric draws out the body heat and helps to prevent overheating. When the rug absorbs the heat, it needs to be shaken again to reactivate the fibres to reproduce the chilling effect. The fabric is also rated UPF50+

Everything has a purpose

People have asked why I chose citrus green? I wanted the rugs to be noticed. In a sea of horses and floats at events, the rugs can be seen from a distance. They stand out on any coloured horse.

The simplicity of the rug, its Velcro and fillet strap make it quick and easy to get on and off. It can be washed in the washing machine, so it’s super easy to keep clean.                                                                                                                                           

The sizing’s are also simple as the rugs don’t need to fit perfectly, just big enough to cool the horse down. So you don’t need a different size rug for every horse you own.

The double zip lock bag has a purpose. The rug can be wet and zip-locked before you leave home and ready to use when needed.

Thank you

We have sold our rugs to professional show jumpers, eventers, pony clubbers, racehorse trainers and trail riders. Our Rapid Cool Horse Rug is receiving positive feedback from customers in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Thank you to everyone who loves our Rapid Cool Horse Rug, has left fantastic feedback, and supported my idea. You have encouraged me to keep going with new ideas.

Look out! I have more swirling around in my head.